A downloadable game for Windows

A work-in-progress hitchhiking adventure game by David Wesst.

Privacy Statement

Starting with version 0.4-alpha of Vagabond, we collect some gameplay analytic data. This privacy statement is meant to help players understand the what, why, and how regarding our data collection.

What information do you collect?

We collect player device information along with player usage data for in-game events, such as level changes and in-game actions (e.g. opening a box). This data is collected using Microsoft Application Insights, powered and stored by Microsoft Azure.

We also use the Unity Game Engine, which collects player data in its own right for Unity.

Application Insights

Microsoft Application Insights is used to collect data on in-game events, game logs (i.e. error logs), and device information. The data includes:

  • Player in-game actions (e.g. opening a box, changing the scene)
  • Device Model
  • Device Manufacturer
  • Operating System
  • Graphics Device Name
  • Screen Resolution
  • System Language

Analytics data is stored in Microsoft Azure. Please refer the Microsoft Privacy Statement  for more information about the Microsoft Azure privacy policy.

Unity Technologies

Software provided by Unity Technologies has been used to develop this game. Please refer to the Unity Privacy Policy  for more information regarding their data collection policies.

We do not use Unity Analytics.

How do you use the information?

We use the game to learn how to improve the game, plain and simple.

What information do you share?

Game analytics data is shared among the development team and development support resources.



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